Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurant & Lounge
GÅL, formerly known as The Galliard, brings contemporary Turkish-Mediterranean cuisine to the fore, cooked in front of diners in a bustling open kitchen. The venue boasts an extensive cellar, a sophisticated cocktail bar and an open-air terrace with jaw-dropping views of the iconic Burj Khalifa.
GAL; noun, a beautiful lady, a girl.

Dubai being a hub for music, culture, food, art and luxury of course, is home to some of the finest institutions in the specific fields. On one street you can find some of the best Art galleries, Bars, fine dining restaurants and whatever the mind can think of. Restaurants in Dubai are very similar and very unique at the same time. It is the concept and the vision of a place that defines it and GAL is exactly an epitome of a restaurant with a vision. That vision is Art! An Art inspired restaurant that delivers one of the finest gastronomical experience in Dubai, GAL stands out from the stereotype restaurants in Downtown.
Artfully prepared contemporary Turkish delicacies with the inspiration of Italian, French and Spanish cuisine, Gal Dubai offers an experiential run-of-order that promises to bring with it an authentic rhythm and Mediterranean soul.
The Turkish-Mediterranean concept includes various facets such as: a bustling open kitchen; an extensive grapes cellar, a sophisticated cocktail bar and an open-air terrace that boasts up-close and stunning views of the iconic Burj Khalifa. Gal Restaurant is Dubai’s most eagerly awaited hotspot and brings surprises by way of live entertainments, flamboyant service and much more which will cater for foodies, party-goers and jet-setters alike.  GAL is Dubai’s most eagerly frequented hotspot and brings surprises by way of flamboyant service, live entertainment and signature dishes such as Ossobuco, Black Truffle Veal Pappardelle, and GAL’s signature Gamberetti Güveç.



GAL Restaurant & Lounge

Behind the scenes


Freshly landed from the fisherman’s catch, Oysters, Caviar and a
host of Crustaceans are celebrated, with an array of unique menu
items such as, Grade A5 Japanese Wagyu and King Crab.
With a nod to its Ottoman roots, GAL pushes boundaries with an
imaginative approach to fusion dishes such as Saslik, Lahmacun,
Tantuni, Karniyarik Parmigiana and Manti.